Fusilli with scallops and trio of cherry tomatoes

Fusilli with scallops and trio of cherry tomatoes

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280 g
240 g
200 g
cherry tomatoes in different colour varieties
40 g
extra virgin olive oil
as desired
as desired


Wash the scallops thoroughly under running water, then soak for around 2 hours in salted water to remove any sand. Rinse in cold water. Discard any shells which have not opened. Remove the flesh with a knife, reserving a few scallops with their shells for decoration.


Saute the scallops in a frying pan with oil and garlic for a few minutes.


In the meantime, cook the pasta until “al dente”, drain and add to the pan with the scallops. Cook for a minute more, adding the halved and seeded cherry tomatoes.


Decorate each serving with basil leaves and a few whole scallops with their shells.


*Recipe created for us by Ipsar Amerigo Vespucci of Milan