Penne with ricotta and chicory

Penne with ricotta and chicory

Tags: Pasta Starter Vegetarian


280 g
200 g
cow’s milk ricotta
200 g
40 g
extra virgin olive oil
as desired
as desired


Thinly slice the scallion and saute in a pan with the oil until golden. Add the most tender leaves of the chicory, reserving a few fresh leaves for the garnish, and cook for a couple of minutes.


While the pasta is cooking, soften the ricotta in a bowl by adding a couple of spoonfuls of cooking water from the pasta to give a soft cream.


Drain the pasta when al dente, pour into the bowl with the ricotta and add the sauteed scallion and chicory.


Serve garnished with the reserved chicory.


*Recipe created for us by Ipsar Amerigo Vespucci of Milan