Your reliable partner in challenging times

Your reliable partner in challenging times

The impacts of the Corona pandemic have not spared any branch, which is why more and more businesses are forced to shut down for the interim. Our factories are still in production, thus allowing us to supply you as usual. Keeping in close contact with you and supporting you as your competent partner with our gluten free solutions is something we feel very strongly about in these challenging times!

Those restaurants excluded from the crucial closures are usually the ones offering home deliveries or collection by guests. Currently, the demand for safe delivery options is thus enjoying a strong upswing. Our convenient products allow us to effectively support your out-of-home sales. We have a large selection of frozen gluten free ready meals available that can be provided without any significant additional effort, including but not limited to:


We can also make a valuable contribution in hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities where the current situation is particularly fraught, and employees are extremely overworked. Our convenient solutions offer essential advantages:

  • Quick and easy preparation and serving
  • Enormous flexibility
  • Low staff involvement
  • 100% gluten free safety


Discover the great taste and easy handling of our frozen ready meals!