Chocolate Soufflé - 90g

The Chocolate Soufflé is coming!

In October an explosion of deliciousness awaits you - with a melting heart!

Chocolate Soufflé: the mere sound of these words awakens the tastes of the most gourmands all over the world. It is precisely its melting dark chocolate heart, wrapped in a soft dough that makes it one of the most loved and replicated desserts.

Even those on a gluten-free diet should have the opportunity to enjoy this delicacy, which is why Schär Foodservice has decided to introduce Schär Chocolate Soufflé into its already extensive range of gluten-free products for the out-of-home.

Made with 22% dark chocolate, eggs and high quality guaranteed Schär butter, the Schär Chocolate Soufflé is a real explosion of sweetness, with its dark heart, to be discovered by sinking the teaspoon into the soft dough.

Catering professionals will be able to enrich their menu with a scenic dessert, loved by all, to be customised according to their imagination, perhaps accompanied by red fruits and a sprinkling of icing sugar or a scoop of gluten-free vanilla ice cream and a mint leaf.

The Schär chocolate cake is packaged in comfortable and safe single portions and frozen, thus ensuring a long shelf life - 16 months - and maintaining the flavour and characteristics. Finally, it is very easy and quick to prepare, as it takes very few minutes in a traditional oven and less than a minute if prepared in the microwave. 

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The Chocolate Soufflé is only the latest sweet reference offered by Schär Foodservice for the out-of-home channel. Discover the other Schär desserts and cakes!