Caserecce con Pesto 300g

Caserecce con Pesto 300g

Caserecce con Pesto 300g

Caserecce pasta twists with tasty gluten-free pesto. Ideal for hospitality professionals wanting a pre-prepared main course that is quick and easy to prepare and serve. The Schär gluten-free noodles with pesto are frozen, so they have a long service life and can always be served fresh to your guests.

Product category: Ready meals

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gluten free pasta [maize flour, rice flour, millet flour, emulsifier: (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids)] , béchamel sauce [water, skimmed milk powder, maize starch, rice flour, rice starch, maize flour, vegetable fibre (psyllium)] , sunflower seed oil , extra virgin olive oil 5,5% , basil 5% , vegetarian cheese 5% (milk, salt, coagulant enzyme) , pine nuts 0,5% , salt , garlic , pepper . May contain traces of soya .

Logistic Data

Shelf life (months) 12
Pieces per box 8