Chocolate Soufflé - 90g

Chocolate Soufflé - 90g

Chocolate Soufflé - 90g

Frozen gluten-free chocolate soufflé with a dark chocolate filling. The perfect dessert in single portions for the professional gastronomy.

Product category: Portion Packs & products in oven-proof packaging Desserts & Sweets

When preparing the chocolate soufflé in the microwave please follow the following steps in order to be able to almost completely exclude contamination:

  • Before preparing the chocolate soufflé, the microwave must be cleaned thoroughly if it has been used before to prepare food containing gluten. Above all, make sure there are no residues (crumbs, flour) of gluten-containing products.
  • When preparing gluten free meals in the microwave, make sure to use a plate especially for gluten free products.
  • Remove the plastic packaging just before placing the product in the microwave.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands and preferably put on disposable gloves (especially if you touch the product when unpacking it, for example).
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dark chocolate 23% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin; natural vanilla flavour) , eggs , butter (milk) , sugar , egg yolk , rice flour . *Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa . May contain traces of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts) .

Logistic Data

Shelf life (months) 16
Pieces per box 12