Chocolate semifreddo

Chocolate semifreddo

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100 g
100 g
dark chocolate
90 g
25 g
250 g
liquid or single cream
75 g (circa 4)
egg yolk
50 g
hazelnut cream
30 g
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dark chocolate


Chop 100 g of dark chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie. Let it cool stirring occasionally.


In the meantime, prepare the syrup that will be used to make the pâte à bombe and is needed to pasteurise the yolks: pour the sugar into a saucepan, add water and let it simmer until it reaches a temperature of 121° C (use a kitchen thermometer).


As soon as the temperature has reached 115°C, start whisking the yolks with an electric whisk. Only when the syrup has reached 121°C, slowly pour it into the yolks and continue to beat them until completely cooled. At this point, always with the whisks in action, pour in the warm chocolate until it is well melted.


Whip the cold cream and gently incorporate it into the chocolate mixture one spoon at a time, making rotary movements from the bottom to the top.


Once a uniform mixture has been reached, transfer it into a piping bag.


Take a circle with a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 4.5 cm, cover with strips of acetate of about 6 cm and place on a tray lined with baking paper.


Lay the Schär Savoiardi Ladyfingers on the bottom to form a pattern.


Using the piping bag, fill the mould with the chocolate cream.


Transfer the chocolate semifreddo to a blast chiller at -40°C; only when it is well firm, chop the other 100 g of chocolate used to cover it and melt it in a bain-marie as previously done.


Once the chocolate is completely melted, mix it a little bit to cool it and pour it into the mould, tilting the mould so that the chocolate gets overall on the surface of the semifreddo. Then put it back in the blast chiller to solidify it.