Pantescan Kisses

Pantescan Kisses

Tags: Cakes | Cookies Desserts


For the filling:
300 g
ricotta cheese
as desired
chocolate chips
1 tbsp
as desired
For the batter:
150 g
120 g
2 g
brewers' yeast
as desired
sunflower seed oil
as desired
icing sugar


For the filling:


Put the ricotta in a bowl, add the tablespoon of sugar and mix to combine. Add chocolate chips to taste. 


Mix thoroughly until all ingredients are well combined, and place in the refrigerator.


To make the waffle batter


Beat the eggs in a basin, add the milk, flour and yeast and mix until the batter is smooth and thoroughly combined. Using a rosette iron, fry the batter in hot oil, then sandwich the waffles with the ricotta mixture and dust with powdered sugar.


*Recipe created for us by the Hotel Institute "I. and V. Florio" d Erice (TP)