Penne with field beans, pancetta and pecorino

Penne with field beans, pancetta and pecorino

Tags: Pasta Starter


280 g
100 g
bacon (pancetta)
200 g
field beans (frozen)
40 g
pecorino cheese
1 bunch
as desired
black pepper


Cut the pancetta into strips, then place them in a slightly heated pan and add half a glass of water so that it sweats; let it go for about 15 minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally. In this way, the pancetta gets degreased and will become very crunchy.


Boil some water in a pan and blanch the field beans for about 2 minutes.


Drain and leave the cooking water in the pan and cook the Penne Schär al dente.


Once cooked, pour the pasta into the pan together with the crunchy pancetta and add half of the shelled field beans. Reduce the other half of the beans to a cream and add the grated pecorino cheese and pepper at your discretion.


Mix everything together with a little cooking water and set aside for a few moments to amalgamate the flavours and let the pecorino cheese melt.


Serve in a deep plate to collect the creamy part.