Pane senza glutine bottarga limone

Toasted slices of white bread with tuna botargo, tomato and lemon slices, capers and oregano

Tags: Snack Sandwiches | Bread filled and stuffed Fish


2 slices
a little bit of
extra virgin olive oil
150 g
fresh tuna botargo
ripe tomatoes
a little bit of
a little bit of
salted capers, soaked and rinsed
as desired
salt and pepper


Slice the lemon, botarga and one tomato very thinly.


Toast the bread on a sheet of greaseproof paper in a non-stick pan - it is best to do this just before serving to prevent the bread from going hard.


Blend the other tomato with extra virgin olive oil, oregano, capers, salt and pepper, and spread on the toasted bread.


Arrange the slices of lemon, tomato and botarga on top and drizzle with lemon juice and a little extra virgin olive oil.